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Types of UV Light for your AC


Ultraviolet (UV) lights have become increasingly popular as an add-on to AC systems to help improve indoor air quality. UV lights work by emitting UV-C light, which destroys bacteria and viruses that can circulate in the air. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different types of UV lights for AC systems and their benefits.

Coil Sterilization UV Lights

Coil sterilization UV lights are installed in the indoor unit of an AC system and shine directly onto the AC coil. Consequently, this helps prevent mold and bacterial growth on the coil, which can improve the efficiency of the AC system and prevent unpleasant odors from circulating in your home.

Air Sterilization UV Lights

Air sterilization UV lights are installed in the return air duct of an AC system and shine onto the passing air. Also, these UV lights kill any bacteria or viruses that may be present in the air, which can help prevent the spread of illnesses in your home.

Combination UV Lights

Combination UV lights combine both coil sterilization and air sterilization in one unit. These types of UV lights are installed in the return air duct and shine both onto the passing air and the AC coil. Moreover, they offer the most comprehensive protection against airborne contaminants.

Portable UV Lights

Portable UV lights are small devices that can be moved from room to room. They are especially useful for areas where there is limited air circulation, such as in bathrooms or closets. These lights can be used to sanitize surfaces and kill bacteria and viruses.

Improve Indoor Air Quality and Prevent Illness with UV Lights

In conclusion, UV lights are a great addition to any HVAC system. Whether you choose coil sterilization, air sterilization, or a combination of both, these lights can help improve indoor air quality and prevent the spread of illnesses in your home. Consult with an HVAC professional to determine which type of UV light is right for your AC system.

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